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Nothing brings back memories like music.  Your wedding CD will recall memories of your wedding day not only to you but to all of your guests.  You can revisit your special day at any time just by playing your CD in your car, your home, or anywhere. 

How to Make Your Wedding CD

1.  Choose Your Songs

What to put on your CD is entirely up to you.  Most people choose songs that are meaningful to them as a couple and yet have some tie to love.  These songs are usually played at the reception.  Other couples choose to have the music from the wedding service itself.  Still others choose a theme for their wedding, such as the “Roaring 20’s” or “Beach Party” and select music to fit the theme.

First select a number of songs you both like.  This may take some time as you continue to come up with ideas.  After you have a long list of songs, begin weeding some of them out until you have the final selections for your very unique CD.

The number of songs to put on the CD varies depending on the length of the songs.  Some CDs will hold up to 20 songs if they are not too long.  If you want the song titles on your CD label, it's best to use only 12-14 songs. 

If you need some ideas for songs, click here for our list of popular wedding CD songs.

2.  Purchase Your CDs and Jewel Cases 

You can purchase the blank CDs in quantity from your area shopper’s club or computer store.  You will also need to purchase jewel cases for the completed CDs.  The thin jewel cases are a popular selection. 

Something to keep in mind when you are selecting your jewel cases is whether you will be using a jewel case insert.  If you choose not to use the insert, it’s best to use clear jewel cases so the CD label is visible through the case.

3.  Burn the CDs

You will need a CD burner on your computer to make the CDs.  Either download the songs to burn or copy them from CDs you already have.  Review the list and place the songs in the order you want them to play.  Follow the directions for your CD creator to burn the CDs.  Listen to the CD all the way through before making copies to be sure your songs are complete.

4.  Create the Label for Your CD

Your CD label is as important as the songs you choose.   What you put on the label depends on the impression you want to make for your guests.  Decisions to be made are whether to use photos on the label or to have the label go along with your wedding theme, include your flowers, or incorporate your wedding colors.  Do you want to include the track names of the songs on the label or not?  Many people enjoy having their photo on the label as a couple.  Others choose pictures of themselves as children.

If you choose to put the song titles on the label, here is something to keep in mind.  The more words you put on the label, the smaller the type will need to be.  Twelve to fourteen song titles fit well on the label.  If you add the name of the group performing the song or a description what is happening when the song is played, such as “Cutting the Cake”, keep in mind the print will need to shrink to fit the label.  It isn’t necessary to put all of the track names on the label.  You can put just the number that will fit well.  When people play the CD they will be pleasantly surprised at the bonus songs.

Jewel case inserts are nice but not necessary.  You may want your insert to match the design on the label or have its own design.  Many couples choose to have just their name and wedding date on the jewel case cover.  The reverse side of the jewel case insert is a great place to put a thank you note to the guests or to list members of your wedding party.  You can also put your track names inside the jewel case liner if you don’t have them on the label.


5.  Label your CDs

A CD label applicator is a must for placing the labels on the CDs.  If you don’t have one you can purchase one from your computer store or online for as little as $5.00.






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